Caring for your baby’s fontanelle/soft spot

Here’s how to take care of the little soft spot on your baby’s head.
Your baby actually has four soft spots at the meeting places between the skull bones. The biggest is the anterior fontanelle on top and slightly to the front of the head, and the second biggest is the posterior fontanelle, situated on the midline of the curved rear surface of the skull. There are two much smaller ones on the sides of the head, but to most people these are not even detectable. The sutures that join the fontanelles enable the skull bones to mould over each other for an easier birth and to enable the brain to continue its rapid growth after birth without hindrance by a set structure. Run the pads of your fingers gently over the anterior fontanelle to acquaint yourself with its size and how it feels normally.
Some fontanelle facts:
  1. Don’t be scared when washing your baby’s hair; simply be gentle over this area.
  2. The anterior fontanelle will close between 6 and 18 months.
  3. If closure of the anterior fontanelle happens very slowly, your baby may need the tissue salt calc phos 2.
  4. Babies with extremely big heads, a large fontanelle and scrawny bodies often require the tissue salt silicea 12.
  5. Should the anterior fontanelle ever bulge in a pronounced way and your baby has a fever or seems ill, see your doctor immediately.
  6. If the anterior fontanelle is particularly sunken and your baby is not drinking well, vomits or has diarrhoea, immediate medical attention for dehydration is necessary.



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