Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen (Saariselkä/ Finland)

Hotel Kakslauttanen is a resort 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle near Urho Kekkonen National Park. It offers all kinds of accomodation, from log cabins to traditional suites but it's best known for its glass igloos from which you can observe the northern lights while you're in bed. The windows are made from special thermo glass to maintain a comfy room temperature and the properties of the glass also keep it from getting frosted over, even when the outdoor temperature drops to -30. Aurora season is from late August to the end of April.
They're open year round and offer lots of fun adventure trips such as winter safaris with Huskies or reindeer, and there's lot's of beautiful day trips in the summer too, when the sun never sets between May and August. 
The nearest airport is in Ivalo, a 30min ride.
Visit their website for more info and bookings:
All pictures are from their website and video screenshots.


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