Make a Cute Gnome Christmas Ornament

Invite a lovable Christmas gnome to your holiday celebration. These bearded little felt ornaments are a fun and easy Christmas craft that will give your Christmas tree an Old World feel
For centuries, gnomes have spread their magic and mischief from Scandinavia to Germany to the Czech Republic and beyond. This year, invite the little imps into your home and heart in the form of handmade felt Christmas ornaments. The identical fellows are hand-sewn from red felt and topped with needle-felted roving for beards and beads for noses.
What You'll Need (for one gnome)
  • 4-inch square of felt: red
  • Wool roving: gray
  • Felting mat, foam felting square, or plastic-foam square
  • Needles: felting and embroidery
  • 1⁄8-inch-diameter pearl bead
  • Embroidery floss: red
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Knitting needle or small stick
  • 1⁄4-inch-diameter split ring: silver


Download, print, and cut out the pattern, available below, and use it to cut two gnome shapes from red felt.
Add the Beard: Cut a 1×21⁄2-inch piece of gray roving. Place one felt gnome piece on felting mat. Attach roving to felt and shape sides of the beard by poking felting needle in and out of roving and felt. Trim beard to desired length and cut into a point.
Sew the Ornament: Separate red floss and use two strands for all sewing.
Sew pearl bead at top center of beard for nose. Place felt gnome pieces with wrong sides together. Whipstitch around edges, starting at one side of the beard. Sew down around boots; stuff a little fiberfill into boots using a knitting needle or small stick to facilitate stuffing. Finish whipstitching around shape, adding stuffing as you sew; do not tie off thread.
Push threaded needle inside the gnome and up through fiberfill to tip of hat and make three or four tiny loops for attaching split ring. Knot thread on back of ornament.
Open loop of silver split ring and slip thread loops onto ring; close split ring loop.


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