The Macy Miller Tiny House Was Designed to be Efficient

The Macy Miller Tiny House was designed after the Idaho-based architect had a dream to design and small and efficient home. Miller longed for her own home but she didn't want the daunting task of paying mortgages. The DIY movement also inspired Miller, and it saved her high costs and gained her experience with construction
The 196 square foot Macy Miller Tiny House took two years to make and the final result is beautiful, rustic and cozy. Built on top of a flatbed trailer, the home was made of sustainable and recycled materials. Its clever design includes large windows that offer natural light during the day – adding to the efficiency of the home. It sits near the road for easy access to stores and sops but it remains private as beautiful lush trees surround it. 
This tiny DIY home was built upon a tight budget and this quaint dwelling was truly a successful, eco-friendly and space-saving home.


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